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        2. Welcome to Yinhuan group CO.,LTD.

          About us

          Restructuring and development, industrial upgrading and talented personnel

          Yixing Precision Steel Tube Plant was founded in 1991 as amunicipalizational collective ownership enterprise. In 1999, after therestructuring, Jiangsu Yinhuan Precision Steel Tube Co., Ltd. was established,and in 2007, Yinhuan Holding Group Co., Ltd came into being to coordinate themanagement and investments of the subordinate enterprises as a whole.

          Yinhuan HoldingGroup is a comprehensive “reform and innovation enterprise demonstrationunit" typically supported by the government of Jiangsu Province, and isalso a pioneer enterprise, being the first private enterprise in JiangsuProvince cooperating with state property investments. The group hassuccessively won the following honors: Top Ten Chinese Innovative Enterprisefor Energy Equipment, Advanced Unit of China's Reform and Innovation, theNational Advanced Unit of Iron and Steel, Jiangsu Innovation DemonstrationEnterprise, and Wuxi City Enterprise Culture Construction Demonstration Unit.

          Since its inception, YinhuanHolding Group has always regarded "scientific and technological innovationleading the development of enterprises, upgrade technology driving industrialtransformation" as the development guideline, and established a directassets relationship with Baosteel Group, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group,China Huaneng Group, National Electrical Investment Group, Chinese DongfangElectric Group, Jiangsu Province State-owned Assets Management Commission andother large-scale central enterprises or government asset managementdepartments, which breaks the international monopoly, and saves theconstruction cost of about 15 billion yuan for the country. The products notonly fill a number of domestic blank alternative imports to realizedomestication, but are also exported to Japan, Germany and the United Statesand other developed countries, opening a reform and development path of "transformationaldevelopment, industrial upgrading, and talent agglomeration".                           [See details]


          Group industry

          Cooperative partner

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